SoundFest 2010, Day 3

What? It’s day 3 already!  I finished up the first book I was reading (see the blog post on Audience, Relevance, and Search) and am now on to the next.  Very important, I found the local serious coffee shop, Coffee Obsession, and made a trip to the uber-grocery-store. The boys all had late afternoon master […]

Sound Fest 2010 Day 2

Sunday was no day of rest around here.  The kids started early with an orientation meeting at the Falmouth Academy, and jumped right into their music.  In the evening, we all went over to the Lilly Auditorium at Woods Hole (the famous institute for oceanography) where the Colorado String Quartet played – Haydn, Bartok, and […]

Sound Fest 2010, Day 1

This year, Joey was accepted into a string quartet camp put on by members of the Colorado String Quartet at Falmouth, on Cape Cod.  For the sake of a financial break in housing costs, the chance to be with Joey at camp, and just for the sheer opportunity for my own break, I volunteered to […]


When musicians, actors, dancers, and even writers have their big events – when we Fête them for their new piece, cd or book, there is usually some activitity going on like  a performance – and then a bit of a party.  But when artists come out of their studios to show their work, we have openings.  […]

Moving On

Artists often have to do odd things for a living.  A little over 10 years ago, I started doing web production for a graphic designer friend – and ended up being an entrepreneur.  The company, Oxclove Workshop, eventually had close to 20 employees, and its share of stress.  Last week, I was bought out of […]


When I was invited to show my work at ASK, I had been sitting in the gallery where I’ll be showing. After the invitation, I regarded the room. It has several beautiful walls. The window wall won’t be so good for hanging paintings, but the other three are superb, although one is now… bifurcated – […]

Lionel Neykov

A couple of weekends ago, my friend Mary Gormley had a wonderful singer/songwriter, Lionel Neykov, come and perform at my studio for a bunch of friends and family.  Keep your eyes and ears open… this guy is going to make his mark.  He has a show upcoming in the city… if you’re around, catch it…. […]

Drawing in Show

VisualLit, Collaborations Between Visual Artists & Writers July 05 – 31 2008 ASK Collaborative Exhibit kicks off Literary Events at ASK. At: Arts Society of Kingston).  Mine was a drawing based on a poem. I still don’t know who wrote the poem…  See for more info….