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It used to be that Bonnard could walk down the path along the Seine and have lunch with Monet (imagine!), or that Rothko and Pollock could share a beer with Kline at the Cedar Tavern.  Our interactions with our communities of artists are possibly the most stimulating and needed aspects of an artist´s life. 
While my neighboring artists here in Bogotá are wonderful, and stimulating, often it is a different direction.  For me, much of the tow-path to Giverny has been social media, wherein I can see new drawings and works in progress by artists all around the world.  
Sometimes, I´ll go to Google Arts and Culture, and at others, I might even do a Google image search on Judy Pfaff (her output and virtuosity are inspirational).
Here are some of my favorite artists I discovered online, and only because of social media:
And in case you don´t know, I have a Tumblr blog about painting in which I share many bits and pieces about painting from artists past and present: 

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