SoundFest 2010, Day 3

What? It’s day 3 already! 

I finished up the first book I was reading (see the blog post on Audience, Relevance, and Search) and am now on to the next.  Very important, I found the local serious coffee shop, Coffee Obsession, and made a trip to the uber-grocery-store.

The boys all had late afternoon master classes of their own, and then in the evening, there were master classes with the older kids, and a quartet comprised of college-age musicians.  That quartet played the first movement from the Ravel – which is one of my favorites.

Later, at the house, we had ice cream and tried to figure out the dvd player.  No luck on that, so I’ve embarked on the process of downloading a movie from iTunes.  MAYBE that will ready for tonight. 

Mornings are quiet time for me, as the lads tend to sleep in.  They don’t need to be at the school until 11:30.

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