Sound Fest 2010, Day 1

ladsThis year, Joey was accepted into a string quartet camp put on by members of the Colorado String Quartet at Falmouth, on Cape Cod.  For the sake of a financial break in housing costs, the chance to be with Joey at camp, and just for the sheer opportunity for my own break, I volunteered to be a ‘house parent’.  Yesterday, after a 6-hour trip, we arrived at what will be our home for the next two weeks.

Yesterday, we had a bar-b-q down at the girl’s houses with the quartet members and the young musicians that are brought in to help coach the students.  Apparently, there will be around 40 students, although not all of them are staying here at the houses.  One of the kids, Julien, came all the way from Hawaii, others from Chicago, New York, and other places scattered about the country.

I learned that this is going to involve a bit more than just hanging out at the picnic bench behind the house for two weeks.  I’ve got 4 lads age 12-13 that I’m responsible for.  But you’d be hard-pressed to find a better group of boys.  “Orch Dorks”, and even more particularly, strings players, tend to be a thoughtful lot.   Last night found them huddled over each other’s shoulders, checking out their various i-devices.

One of the parents went out shopping and filled the larder with all sorts of goodies, so we’re pretty well set in that department. On the other hand, I regret not thinking of bringing some games, like Settlers of Cataan…. I think those would have gone over big.

It’s Sunday morning – the lads are all still sleeping.  They have a fairly full day ahead – orientation at the school, and a concert tonight.  The great task that I have set for myself is to catch up on reading (I brought a box o’books) and to work on the company blog.

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